Microneedling with Collagen PIN

Microneedling with Collagen PIN

Collagen P.I.N – The Champion of Microneedling

Microneedling with Collagen PIN – is an advanced aesthetic treatment which targets fine lines, sun damage and acne scarring.

Ageing can bring with it fine lines, sun damage is another problematic issue affecting the skin’s texture and acne scarring affects many people long after their teenage years. All are valid concerns, which can destroy sufferers’ confidence in their skin. Collagen PIN is an advanced aesthetic treatment, which targets all of these conditions. It successfully boosts collagen levels by inducing controlled injury into the skin layers, which promotes the creation of new collagen and elastin. This is a gentle carefully-calibrated procedure, which causes much less damage to the skin than some more aggressive treatments. We can also add in our unique Growth Factor Rejuvenation Complex and you can expect skin repair, renewal and regeneration as a result.

How does Collagen P.I.N Microneedling work?

Microneedling produces up to 1 million microscopic pin holes in the dermis of the skin which as well as stimulating skin cell repair allow for serum delivery and penetration deep down into the layers of the skin. The good news is there’s very little downtime to this treatment, although sometimes slight redness and minimal swelling can result.

What results can you expect from Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling?

Post-procedure skin looks healthier, plumper, firmer, glowing and younger. After 2-6 weeks signs of deeper rejuvenation and repair will be present especially on areas of scarring.

Why Collagen P.I.N.?

This treatment is generally considered to be superior to traditional handheld microneedling rollers, which are more rudimentary and simplistic. During the treatment needle depth and penetration can be very precisely adjusted depending on the area and concern being treated. We use disposable needle tips, which are not only sterile but also safe. The micro-calibrated manufacture of the pins being used enables the practitioner to treat, much more accurately, small and delicate areas around the eyes and mouth which handheld rollers are unable to do. This leads to a far more specific, detailed and well defined outcome.

“I had such a great experience at this clinic. It was my first time doing anything to my face and Patricia was very welcoming and understanding of my needs. I absolutely love the results!”